Monday, February 25, 2013


The roof is finally complete! The building is fully enclosed so there shouldn't be many more weather delays. The new Co-op is going to be a one story building with a "flat" rubber roof membrane, with a 90 mph rating at the lakeside edge. Flat is in parenthesis because it slopes to drains on the roof to avoid standing water, and this will help avoid having water pouring over the roof onto the walkways and customers.

We decided to go with a flat roof to allow a second story at some future date. We have maximized our lot so if we decide to expand in the future, going up is the only solution - besides moving to a different location. I know that it seems to be premature to talk about future expansions, but it is good to be prepared. The building is designed and engineered to allow a second story so we're ready for whatever the future may bring.


  1. The flat roof is a good idea. It’s always good to think ahead, in case you do go for an upper floor extension, or maybe think of constructing a storage space up there.

    Conner Spear

  2. Perfect choice! That flat roof is just the right thing if you’re planning to build a second story for that building. Plus, a flat roof is easier to maintain as you’ll be able to see more clearly if there is any kind of damage at all. Also, repairing it can be easy as A-B-C.
    - Nelson Mcglaughlin

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  4. It’s a good decision that you chose to have a flat roof and thought of the possibility of having a second floor sometime when you get the chance to expand. But at present, having a flat roof is beneficial too because it is easy to maintain. I do hope that your business would be successful, Jennifer. All the best to you!

    Allyson Duguay